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1) What is Rule Radio?

Rule Radio is a site for musicians to display their work and a site for music lovers to find new music that is not censored by the large corporate owned radio stations.  For each song you purchase, you are supporting that artists ability to continue making music.  They receive a large percentage of the profits from each download.

2) What software do I need to use your site?

Right now, we only support Microsoft's (c) Media Player.  This was decision was because most computers have this program already installed from the factory.  We do not like having to download software on our computer and did not want to force our customers to have to either.  The streams and audition files use .wma files while the downloaded music files are MP3 at 128K or higher.

3) Do I have to register to listen to the radio streams?

We intentionally chose not to require the casual listener to register.  We like to think of it as window shopping before your first purchase.  However, you must register to purchase songs.  We are trying to minimize any advertising on our site which can only be supported by the sale of music.  Each person listening to the stream costs bandwidth and we ask that you purchase songs to help cover the expenses.  Otherwise we will have to look to advertising revenues to offset bandwidth costs, which we want to limit as much as you do.

4) What audio format do you use?

Our downloaded music format is MP3 with resolution of 128K or better. 

5) What connection speed is required for Rule Radio?

While our streams can be heard using a 48.8K modem, it is not recommended to download songs using less than a DSL connection.  DSL, Cable, T1 or similar high speed connection is best suited for maximum benefit of Rule Radio.  For example, a typical song may take 10 minutes to download using a 48.8K modem while a cable connection can usually download the same song in under a minute.

6) How much do songs cost at Rule Radio?

Each song cost $0.99 per download.  Due to the significant transaction costs (minimum of $0.30 per transaction) of small credit card charges, we offer a discount to frequent purchasers.  See the pricing page for details.

7) How do I pay?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and American Express.  We use PayPal for our credit card processing due to their significant security measures for both the customer and Rule Radio. 

8) What if I don't like what I downloaded?

Since digital music is unlike a product you purchase at a store, you can't return it and we can not refund your money after you download it.  We encourage you to listen to the songs in its entirety via the radio stream or the 30-second sound clip in the audition very thoroughly prior to your purchase.


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