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alma music is the new record brand of Ossigeno srl. Born in 2000 as development of the rights management activity that Ossigeno carries out since 1993, alma music is placed between the classic and the new digital record industry.

alma music is an independent label of modern conception.

Keeping up with the times, it is closely connected with the net. Not only the Internet, but also the net linking record labels, self-producers, production centres and different associative initiatives.

Everything with the greatest respect for artists and producers choices, with proposals embracing a wide musical range, from reggae to world music, from pop to rock, from new age to electronic music. alma music catalogue is organized into various labels (at the moment Lion, Taksim and Rasta Snob Records) with different distribution or sales channels.

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Alma Artists

Artist:    DMA UrbanJazzFunk

Short Description:

DMA UrbanJazzFunk is a cult band of the current international jazz funk scene.

Artist:   Dr Duse

Short Description:

This is the first record from Dr. Duse, also known as Francesco Duse lead guitar and musical alchemist of the well-known italian reggae band Pitura Freska.

Artist:   Duboom

Short Description:

Duboom release their first CD after three years from Rasta Snob Records and after a great number of concerts that bringed the band on the stages of the most important clubs and Italian festivals.

Artist:   Fahrenheit 451

Short Description:

As you can expect from such an innovative band, who has realised a cartoon video with the original and “jurassic” stop motion technique, this work too is a pass forward.

Artist:   Pitura Freska

Short Description:

Pitura freska dive into the forecasted hottest summer of the last decades with a new proposal oozing with sun and happiness. The new CD single, in fact, is called Sarìa Bèo.

Artist:   Raymond Wright

Short Description:

Raymond Wright, Jamaican from Kingston, supporter for years of many Jamaican music stars, lands in Italy and, with the collaboration of the reggae band Realize, releases his first cd Point Black.

Artist:  i  Realize

Short Description:

New roots Jamaican style album, includes seven songs with lyrics in Italian and some English plus a final dub.

Artist:  i  Sir Oliver Skardy

Short Description:

What is he doing? Why Pitura Freska doesn't release any record? Why is Skardy so mysterious? When will he give us some new emotions?

Artist:  i  Spirit Roots

Short Description:

After more than 10 years of activity Spiriti Roots record their first CD Raise, containing nine songs self-produced and recorded at the Eruption Recording Studio of Arcugnano (VI).

Artist:  i  Stiliti

Short Description:

A great experience on stage that reflects on the artistic growth of one of the most interesting proposals of the Italian ska scene.

Artist:  i  Tacabanda

Short Description:

First live cd by Tacabanda which puts together twelve songs extracted from three previous records, completely rearranged and recorded in Marghera during the Summer Bastard Race Tour of 2001.

Artist:  i  Tam Tam Sene

Short Description:

A new, interesting release for all those who love drums, djembé, and African rhythms in general, directed by Abdoulaye Sene, one of the leading masters of this fascinating art.

Artist:  i  Teo & The Bombs

Short Description:

The project originated on the hills around Verona in the spring of 2001, after Teo resigned from a long term collaboration with Reggadelica as a drummer and art producer.

Artist:  i  Various

Short Description:

Vùdstoc, starting from its name recalling the famous American concert, has been an event of peace.

Artist:  i  We and Them

Short Description:

On the occasion of the decennial of its birth, the band from Merano We and them releases the new mini CD Ho scelto me (I have chosen myself).

Artist:   Zero Signal

Short Description:

First record production for the band Nossa alma canta (the name is a citation from Samba do aviao of A. C. Jobim) realized by Brusegan NMC in Venice.

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